If the amount of energy taken with food is greater than the amount of energy consumed by basal metabolic activity and physical activity, excess energy is converted into fat and stored in the body.

Obesity have become a disease requiring therapy as a consequence of people moving away from their natural diet and lifestyle. Natural nutrition is very important. Because today, especially in industry developped countries, chemical additives are used to produce and store foodstuffs. Cells, however, burn only naturally produced foods in the best possible way and provide enough energy and reduction for the body.

Along with obesity, body aesthetics deteriorate and the mental health of the person is affected. People get depressed. Degenerative diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, sexual impotence, joint and bone problems, cancers, diabetes are all caused by obesity.

The first and most important reason of weight gain is eating too much. The second most important reason is insufficient physical activity.

Some kind of diseases cause weight gain. For example, hypothyroidism, diabetes, cortisol and garnitine excess / insufficiency, latent food allergies, mesenchymal acidosis, dysbiozis, some drugs and psychosocial problems.

In ideal treatment, diseases that cause weight gain should be investigated first and if there is a candidate, then the disease should be treated. If there is no disease, and obesity has occurred only due to overeating and inadequate physical activity, the energy produced with food should be reduced and the energy consumption should be increased by increasing physical activity.

How should this be? The intake habits of a person should be changed in order to reduce and control energy intake. So one should not have a right to choose food. At the end of treatment, one's eating habits must be permanently re-established in the desired direction. The wrong eating habits should be removed. For example, a person who eats too much sugar, a lot of bread or a lot of meat can not be able to eat that much at the end of this treatment. The person’s will should not be enforced, the stress should not be induced.

One hour walk should be recommended daily to increase physical activity energy expenditure.

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