Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The cartilaginous texture of the inner face of the joints of the human body prevents the bone surfaces from rubbing and abrading each other.

However, when this cartilage tissue is perceived as foreign material by the immune system, the cells of the immune system destroy the cartilage by puncturing and damaging it. As a result, pain, swelling, difficulty in movement, widespread inflammatory reaction and heat increase in the joints. Edema may occur around the joints.

Common treatments are painkillers, salicylates, cortisone, and cancer drugs such as immurane and methotrexate that prevent the immune system from functioning.

However, these treatments can not provide a permanent improvement since the cause of the disease has not been removed. Because the real problem is not in the immune system, but in cartilage tissue. Immune complex molecules that accumulate in cartilage mark the cartilage as the wrong target. For this reason the problem persists.

An ideal treatment;

* Lift up the formation of the immune complex that accumulates in the cartilage tissue,

* Prevent new immune complex formation,

* The body should repair the damage that occurs in the cartilage itself,

 Thus, the patient's complaints must be permanently corrected and the person should continue to his life as a healthy normal person.

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