Substance Addicition Treatment

Substance Addicition Treatment

Addiction is an unbearable desire to use a particular substance, although people know that it harms their mental and physical health or social life.

The brain has a system of desire and willingness to keep life continuity. At the same time this system gives pleasure to human life. It provides the indispensable needs for life such as eating, drinking, sex, and marriage. There is a center of life enjoyment in the mesolimbic area of the brain. The dopamine substance, released from the nerve cells in this region, mediates the work of the life-pleasure center. Playing sports, listening to music, reading books, praying also increases dopamine, and runs the center of natural life enjoyment. There is a natural harmony in the human body.

The addictive substances in the nature imitate the mediators which provide the function of the life-pleasure center. Cocaine and amphetamine act as dopamine, cannabis as anandamiti, heroin as endorphin, cigarette as acetylcholine, and activates the pleasure center in a much more powerful and explosive way than produced with actual natural ones. In this case, the brain stops production of its own intermediates. The taste of life begins to be driven by the addictive substance totally. This causes addiction.

The harmony of the brain and well beeing, which is provided with natural transmitters and pathways, exaggerated intensely by the use of addictive substances for a short time. However, addictive substances stimulate dopamine D2 receptors very strongly, resulting in undesirable effects. A clumsiness and relaxation happens first. Then the sense of time and space perception is distorted. Paranoia, hallucination, fear of madness, unrealistic perception begins The equilibrium between the transmitters, transforming the information produced in the brain, is degraded. The egarous desire to use substances and its abstinence develops. Later schizophrenia may result and brain cell death increases, cancer may develop.

At first, substance use is a voluntary behavior, after a while, the control life taste center is captured by the substance used. The dependent person thinks how to reach the item all the times. Every way is legal for the victim to reach the item like to lie, robbery, extortion. It is useless not giving give money to the dependent person, to press, to knock, to imprisonment. Because if the person does not use the substance, he thinks he will die and attack to obtain the substance.

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