Heroina Addiction

Heroina Addiction

Why do people use heroin? 

When people can not solve their mental, physical and social problems and are unhappy, they hope the help of drugs. They seek consolation in medicine to relieve their material and spiritual deficiencies, especially during the first adolescence and youth period, which is the beginning of spiritual and physical development. 

Young people who spend materially poor or uncontrolled money, who feel themselves excluded from their family and surroundings, who do not see love, are candidate to be dependent. Those who can not hold on to social life, begin to use drugs to prove themselves. Sometimes the cause is curiosity and bad friends. When heroin is used, secretion hormones called endorphin and dopamine are secreted in the brain. It helps the person to feel good for a short time. The pain is cut off. Dreams and hallucinations. There are aphrodisiac and physical powering effects.

So what happens next?

Drug addiction becomes, and after a short time the brain adapts to the substance and becomes unable to function normally without residue. As a social entity a person can only be in harmony with the environment if he has a healthy mind and mental position. For this reason, drugs, which are the greatest enemies of mind and mental health, disrupt the person’s ability to adapt to his life, and move away from the family, from the periphery and from the society, to loneliness and confusion. Now, for substance addicts, the concepts of family, business life have been lost. Their lives end with gasp, theft, suicide and murder. It can not fulfill its individual and social responsibilities. Drug addiction is accompanied by fatal diseases such as aids, syphilis, tuberculosis and cancer.

How is heroin addiction treatment done?

Treatment is done in two stages.


At this stage, it is widespread in the world and our country, with the syndrome of deprivation.

However, chemical and physical dependence is the main reason for the desire to use drugs. Therefore, with the treatment of withdrawal syndrome, the patient can not be relieved of dependence. Only the heroin crisis is prevented.

First, chemical dependency should be treated. Metabolites that accumulate in lipophilic tissues slowly become intermixed with the blood and form addictive symptoms. Must be completely thrown away from the body.

Physical dependence should be treated later. The information on the body must be destroyed.

Thus, a complete purification of matter and informative level should be achieved. The result of this detoxification can be controlled by highly sensitive laboratory techniques.

2) Rehabilitation phase;

An ideal treatment should be 10 months. A person, who used addictive substance for a long time, has a big gap in his life. Recurrence can occur due to the inability to get away from the place, person and environment where the substance is used, unemployment, failure to cope with stress, personality disorders due to substance use.

In this period when the patient does not use substance, normal life adaptation should be provided and made productive. The patient must deal with a task. If there is no profession, education should be provided.

The social, family, economic and legal problems of the patient should be solved.

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