Anti aging means the medicine providing anti-aging.

Aging is a reduction in the ability expelling out of the waste substances of the cells as a result of their activity.

This depends on the intracellular activity as well as the conditions in the intercellular space (transit area). The most important factors affecting intracellular activity are nutrition, hormones and bodily exercise. The four most important factors that disturb fluidity in the transit area and prevent the need for nutrition and disposal of the waste are among the most important factors.

1) acidity of transit area, (pH)

2) Heavy metals accumulated in the transit area (lead, mercury, kadminium)

3) Environmental toxins that accumulate in the transit area, which disrupt hormone production.

4) Drugs that are over-used for treatment purposes.

Early diagnosis and prevention of diseases related to aging, correcting and reversing dysfunctions, selection of nutrients compatible with the body depend on accurate and reliable measurement of hormone levels and factors that disturb the transit area.

The choice of body-compatible foods is made by the M cell system settled in the small intestine of healthy people.

The small intestine is the largest immune system in the body and the disruption of the M-cell system causes incompatible foods to pass in the bloodstream, resulting in numerous diseases. When all the hormones are decreasing in men and women after age 35, only the destructive hormone cortisol that promote aging and the insulin hormone that makes diabetic increase.

In addition, the balance between estrogen / progesterone hormones is disturbed. All these cause breast cancer, breast cysts, ovarian cysts and cancer, cervical cancer in women, and prostate enlargement and prostate cancer and breast cancer in men.

In ideal treatment;

The main goal should be to keep the hormone levels and balance at 30-35 age ranges, to put the same natural pathways instead of the missing hormones, to provide the right nutrition and to provide the fluidity of the transit area, thus delaying aging and extending the life span.

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