Sleeping human and all other living things are the time when the body is rested and taken care of. It's like leaving a car when a car arrives. First the car is repaired.

The human body goes to sleep every night in service. His organ has a maintenance watch. For example, the maintenance time of the lungs is between 04-05 hours versus sabability. All the organs are taken into custody at the time of maintenance. Inefficient traces during maintenance. For example, the lungs can not deliver sufficient oxygen between these hours, and sleep becomes deeper. This happens with the collision of cars in the head to head this time. The thieves also rob houses at these times.

In the case of insomnia, it is necessary to first determine the cause of insomnia by measuring the chemical substance (neurotransmitters) that carry information that can cause insomnia in the head.

Situations that disturb the sleeping balance,

* Dopamine, noradrenaline, acetylcholine, drug abstinence sleepyheads.

* GABA, serotonin, melatonin, enkephalin, adenosine, increase sleep.

There must be a balance between these two systems.

Glutamate excess and insufficiency of GABA are firstly effected in insomnia.

Seratonin abundance, dopamine and noradrenalin excess are effective secondarily.

Disseminated drugs are useful when they are used, but they do not produce permanent solutions.

Ideal treatment;

* Neurotransmitter should eliminate the deficiencies, reduce the excess.

* To make this balance permanent after balance is achieved.

* Thus, a healthy sleeping pattern will be maintained permanently.

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